Gavin Rigg


Gavin began his professional career as an assistant surveyor at Kalgoorlie Consolidation Goldmine’s Mt Charlotte operations. Over the next 15 years he worked on mining operations across the eastern Goldfields and Pilbara in various surveying roles, culminating in becoming Senior Surveyor at St Barbara’s Leonora surface and underground operations. During the last four years, Gavin has moved to the southwest and worked as a construction, engineering and mine surveyor in the following areas:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Sewer, water and waste water
  • Residential sub-divisions
  • Seaside works
  • Quality assurance
  • Roads
  • Prefabricated concrete and steel construction


  • Associate Degree in Mine Surveying
  • Authorised Mine Surveyor Grade 1 & 2

Key Attributes

A project surveyor actively participates in all stages of each project. Gavin starts with the detailed survey and then moves on, when the design is created, providing take off quantities and volumes for the tender process.

Once the project has been awarded, Gavin provides set out in the field for the crews to work off. Quality assurance checks are completed during construction to confirm works are within allowable tolerances. “As constructed” surveys and plans are compiled at the completion of the project.

All this requires a sound surveying knowledge with a broad range of experience across all areas of the job. It is also imperative to maintain a clear dialogue with management, work colleagues and clients to assure a positive outcome on each project.